Vetrate Artistiche Toscane would like to improve its commercial presence in your markets.
What we are proposing is to create commercial/artistic synergies with you. In that, from one side you could scout-out the market, find potential customers, understand their needs and propose them to us. We could then establish a common venture and develop each project with a great degree of flexibility. You could propose a work to a potential customer and pass them on to us, gaining a commission for your work as intermediary, and/or: You could participate with us in the development of the work, with a possible involvement in the aspect of the work you find more interesting. You could take on-site measurements for us, and you could eventually carry out the leading and final installation of the piece.
According to the degree of your involvement you would be entitled to share in the economic benefits with us. If you are interested in this line of action and you feel like promoting a good product, please reply to us via mail. Once we hear from you, we will then supply you with our promotional package containing: leaflets portraying our artistic production, a CD Rom with photographs, and a letter with the commercial information that pertains to our collaboration.
We thank you in advance for your cooperation and effort to bring our work to the public's attention.